Flashback Dashboard

The Stake Dashboard allows you to see all your active stakes and perform actions with them. More specifically, from the Dashboard, you can:

  1. Select a stake from the list

  2. Unstake part or all of your staked funds early

  3. Withdraw your funds when the stake is finished


Only active stakes are shown in the Dashboard. Active stakes are stakes still containing funds. For example, if a stake is over but you didn’t withdraw your funds, that stake will still be considered active. If you withdraw a stake, it will become inactive and disappear from the Dashboard.


You can select any active stake from the dropdown. The information displayed on the dropdown are, from left to right:

  • Staked token logo and ticker

  • Original staked amount

  • Remaining time in days, hours or minutes

Once you have selected a stake, all the information displayed below, as well the Unstake early/withdraw button, refer to the selected stake.

Unstake early


If you unstake early, the entire amount of initially stake tokens will be returned but the rewards related to this Flashback stake are forfeited. If you want to receive the rewards, wait until the end of the staking duration.

Unstaking early is disabled for stakes that are less than 10 days old. After 10 days, the button is enable and you can unstake early anytime before the end of your stake.

Withdraw funds

When the stake is over, you can withdraw your all of your remaining staked balance anytime. To do so, simply click the WITHDRAW button and validate the transaction with your wallet. The stake should disappear from the Dashboard after some time or after refreshing the page.