Time Vault Strategies (TVS)

The Logic of Time Travel

Time Vault Strategies are custom smart contracts that help people buy, sell, and earn TBTs.

With a nearly endless amount of possibilities, Time Vaults have the flexibility to make important Flashstaking decisions. Ultimately, Time Vault Strategies is where the complex logic of a Flashstake occurs.

  • What is the name of the Time Vault?

  • What token can be staked?

  • What is the source of the yield?

  • What is the name of the TBT?

  • How much TBT is minted?

  • What is the minimum stake duration?

  • What is the maximum stake duration?

  • Is there a fee taken during the Flashstake?

  • If so, what is that fee and where does it go?

Strategies can be developed and deployed against the Flash Protocol by anyone. This gives Strategy creators maximum flexibility when it comes to internal logic. This also means that interaction with a third party strategy could result in a total loss of funds.

Flash Strategies are isolated from one another which ensures funds are always isolated.

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