FLC-2303.28 (ARBYS Upgrade)

  • Arbitrum network choice added.
  • GLP strategy on Arbitrum has been added.
  • Output token can now be chosen by user: FLASH, WETH, USDC, DAI, and the same token as the input. Also shows the proper APR and USD value of output token.
  • All Flashstake strategies from all networks are now visible with their associated recent APR when choosing Flashstake strategy from dropdown, regardless of connected network.
  • All Flashback pools from all networks are now visible on the Flashback tab, regardless of connected network.
  • ETH and WETH can now be staked into stETH strategy with auto wrapping applied.
Fixes and Changes
  • When choosing which token to stake, the strategy selection dropdown now includes the recent APR of each token listed for better UX.
  • Preview images added for better UX when dapp urls are shared on social media websites
  • Improved rewards calculations speed for quicker output, improving UX when user chooses output token to determine estimated APR
  • Updated twitter footer urls to be dapp specific
  • Updated custom token list to include etherscan links.
  • Minor UI fixes such as dropdowns sticking to page while scrolling, display issue when searching for custom token address, 0 APR edge case.
  • Significant improvements made to Unit Tests, more tests added, and will be easier to do more testing for future updates.