🧑‍🚀Flashtronaut NFTs

Flashtronauts are a unique collection of 121 time travelers living on the Ethereum blockchain and are the official NFT collection of the Flashstake Protocol.


The Flashtronaut NFTs were conceived before the Flashstake protocol launched in August 2022 as a POAP for those who added value to the Flashtronaut ecosystem. Some have been given away to Core members, to early users who won a competition, to community members who have made big impacts from their efforts. Many of these NFTs are still owned by the Blockzero Treasury and Flashstake Treasury and any of them could become available.


With the launch of the Liquid Stake upgrade, anyone who owns one of these Flashtronaut NFTs in their wallet which also makes a bid on an auction will receive a 10% discount on the FLASH tokens cost to win the auction.


Flashtronaut NFTs currently only exist on mainnet. There are future plans to allow these NFTs to be bridged to other networks, so you can choose which network your NFT lives on, and therefore which network you wish to receive additional utility on.

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