GLP Strategy

You can read more about overall security and risks of using the Flashstake Protocol by heading over to Security.


Flashstake Strategies are used by the Flashstake Protocol to facilitate where the staked tokens are directed towards as well as how up-front yield is generated when burning fTokens.

Flashstake Strategies can be developed and registered with the Flashstake Protocol by anyone but the Flashstake DAO chooses which Strategies are listed on the frontend located at

Contract Addresses


Contract Address

fToken Name

fToken Address





Please note: The code for this Strategy can be found via block explorers such as Arbiscan.

Strategy Information

This strategy allows staking of the GMX GLP token. GLP tokens can be acquired here.

GLP consists of an index of assets used for swaps and leverage trading. It can be minted using any index asset and burnt to redeem any index asset. The price for minting and redemption is calculated based on (total worth of assets in index including profits and losses of open positions) / (GLP supply).

You can read more about the GLP token here.

Historical GLP APR information can be found here.

The GLP token as of March 2023 has a USD price of $0.977 and is composed of 129M ETH (USD), 87M BTC (USD), 3M LINK (USD) and various other tokens. The current composition of all tokens within the GLP index totals to 470 million USD. You can view the current composition and all tokens within the index fund here.

Acquiring the GLP token can only be achieved by depositing tokens at GMX. These GLP tokens are then minted and staked which immediately allows holders to earn WETH (and other tokens) on a block by block basis. This Flashstake strategy allows users to stake their "staked GLP" tokens to earn instant up-front yield.

This Flashstake strategy does not allow the Controller to manage deposited funds in any way. The strategy controller does not have any permission to withdraw GLP (user funds) on a contract level.


  • In the event a smart contract bug is found in this strategy the Owner/Controller has no ability to β€œRescue” funds.

  • In the event the underlying protocol (GMX:GLP) is compromised, staked tokens may be at risk.

  • Counterparty risks: The GLP pool is the counterparty to traders, if traders make a profit that comes from the value of the GLP pool.

  • Token risks: Bridged tokens may depend on the security of the bridge, pegged tokens have risks of depegging.

Controller Powers

This Strategy implements Ownable and is controlled by the Flashstake DAO. There are limited powers available over this contract as explained below:

  • Ability to withdraw any ERC20 token that is not the GLP or sGLP token. This is to ensure users can be refunded if ERC20 tokens are accidentally sent to this address. Please note, principal tokens cannot be withdrawn by the Controller.

  • Ability to set the maximum staking duration (only impacts new stakes)

  • Ability to permanently lock the maximum staking duration (only impacts new stakes)

β€œFlashstake DAO” consists of a multisig located at the following addresses:


Multisig Address







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