FLC-2211.25 (WHISTLE Upgrade)

Fixes and Changes

  • Simple Mode Strategy Choice: When the Dapp is set to Advanced Mode β€œoff”, or as us degens call it β€œsimple mode”, the input staking token strategy is now a much simpler clean as a whistle UX, and so easy a caveman can do it.

  • APY Values: A more comprehensive footer output description for APY calculations now shows the dollar value of the input and output. The APY percentages per output token are now displayed directly underneath the primary UI for those output values. This sentence takes longer to read than it would have been if you’d went to go look at the dapp to see these cool new changes for yourself.

  • Flashback Default: When viewing the Flashback section of the dapp, the default choice is now FLASH/ETH LP tokens instead of FLASH, when the FLASH pool is sold out and has no more rewards since all the cool kids already staked their FLASH.

  • Minor UX Tweaks: The apes smashing keyboard keys from computers powed by hamster wheel generators have submitted fixes to a few css borders. The future is now!

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