Time Switch

How the Protocol Generates Revenue
Similar to how Uniswap v3 has a Fee Switch, Flashstake has a Time Switch. Each time someone uses the protocol by minting new TBDs, a 0-20% Time Fee is taken and sent to the Flash Capacitor.


  • If the protocol has a 5% Time Fee and...
  • A user stakes 100 ETH for 1 year which generates 100 ETH TBD ​
  • 5 ETH TBD goes to the Flash Capacitor​
  • 95 ETH TBD goes to the Flashstaker to be instantly redeemed for yield by burning or swapping​

Current Fee

The Time Fee is currently set to 5% on all networks.

Time Fee Details

The only way to remove Time Fees from the Flash Capacitor is by depositing FLASH tokens.
The deposited FLASH tokens are sent to the Flashstake Treasury, further reducing the circulating supply and providing necessary capital for continuous development.
Note: the 0-20% Time Fee is set by the Flashstake Protocol's setMintFeeInfo.