Minting TBTs (Staking)

Creating time value

Minting TBTs Formula

Ultimately, it is up to the Time Vault Strategy creator to decide how many TBTs are minted. The most common standard formula to determine the number of minted TBTs is as follows:

MintedTBTs=StakeAmountβˆ—StakeDuration(seconds)βˆ—31,709,792,00010decimalsMintedTBTs= StakeAmount * StakeDuration_{(seconds)} * \frac{31,709,792,000}{10^{decimals}}

This formula shows that staking 1 principal token for 365 days will result in approximately 1.005 TBTs being minted.

Upon staking, it is possible for the user to mint a FlashNFT which will represent their stake. FlashNFT’s can also be created after the initial stake providing the Stake still has some number of staked tokens. Some strategies by default will automatically create the FlashNFT upon staking.

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