FLC-2306.13 (LIQUID Upgrade)


  • FlashLend "Liquid Stake": Users can now borrow from their FlashNFT principal to mint fc-Tokens.

  • FlashBurn yield modes: Auto, Burn, and Swap can now be toggled by the user to calculate or execute redeeming yield from minted TBTs.

  • rETH strategy on Mainnet has been added.

Fixes and Changes

  • Full Token Display: TBTs now display their full name within the dapp, such as "fsGLP-907a" is now showing instead of just "fsGLP". Note that the "907a" in this example, as is the case with all TBTs, is the first 4 characters of that contract address, to help prevent future confusion with any other "fsGLP" TBTs deployed.

  • Flashback Fees APRs: Flashbacks APR% now also includes the trading fees, to give better insight to potential grand total APR earned from both the Flashback rewards plus the trading fees.

  • Smoother Unstake Early: quality of live improvements, edge case bug fixes, better disclaimers and links to uniswap for token purchases.

  • RPCs are fussy: Implemented a "round robin" logic of trying multiple RPCs for the user to help prevent dapp call failures due to RPCs offline, the user hitting RPC maximum request limits, and other similar issues.

  • House Cleaning: Many minor things you wouldn't usually think about that have been polished, better loading times, and more efficient logic patterns, general improvements to efficiencies and UX. Some edge cases fixed.

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