FLC-2211.17 (NAMESTAKE Upgrade)


  • ENS: .eth addresses now supported on mainnet for the reward wallet yield destination.

  • Copy Address button: The β€œChange Wallet” popup, which displays when clicking your logged in web3 address in top right corner, now contains the address logged in to as well as this new copy button for ease of use.

  • URL Parameters: Dapp UX inputs have now been translated to parameter values from the URL so that the state of the input values can be saved and shared with others via a custom URL.

    • strategy: the strategy contract address used to determine the fToken yield source.

    • wrap: selects ETH as stake token if strategy is set to WETH strategy’s address. Only currently useful for ETH vs WETH strategy chosen.

    • advanced: boolean to set the advanced mode.

    • slippage: a value range of 0 to 50.

    • unit: Unit of the duration (Days | Hrs | Mins).

    • duration: numerical value of the unit, such as β€œ5” days.

    • quantity: numerical value of total tokens to stake into the strategy.

    • mode: advanced mode option (flash | stake | burn)

    • nft: boolean to mint NFT upfront.

    • rewardWallet: address of the reward wallet. If there is no address or the address is invalid, the whole field is hidden.

  • Copy URL button: This generates new URL Parameters and copies them to the clipboard. This button is visible when Flashstaking, Staking, or Burning, as a new icon in the top right area of the primary UI. This will allow users to share exact dapp settings, strategy chosen, values, and other inputs that are the current state of the dapp as you are using it.

Fixes and Changes

  • Slippage values: Values minimum and maximum now enforced to be between 0% and 50%, to protect some users from themselves from using much higher previously possible values.

  • Flaave skin icons: These are now easier to click on the Flaave dapp for people who don’t have display settings set to 5x zoom mode.

  • Dropdown overflow: Token names exceeding width area allowed in drop down displays has been fixed on the Flaave dapp from wider font displays thinking they own the place.

  • Unstaking glitch: A few edge cases resolved with unstaking early or withdrawing, because we put the D in DeFi.

  • Inaccurate URL: Disclaimer url now accurate for that one guy who actually reads terms and conditions.

  • 10 Minute Self Destruct Sequence: Sometimes β€œNo rewards” APY data would show incorrectly after long periods of idling because you went to feed your cat.

  • Dropdown Repercussion: Dropdown choices would sometimes cause dapp background to shake uncontrollably in fear.

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