FlashStake Advanced Mode


This section is meant for advanced users and will not be necessary for most Flashstakers. Before going on to this section, we highly recommend having a good understanding of the Flash Protocol.

The advanced mode is a number of additional, more advanced functionalities for Flashstake. They are made accessible by switching on the Advanced mode toggle at the top of the page, and comprise the following:

  1. Selecting a strategy

  2. Flashstaking your stake

  3. Sending rewards to another wallet

  4. Minting stake as NFT upfront


When switching on the Advanced mode, all the advanced functionalities are in their default option, the same as if the Advanced mode was switched off. This means that if you simply switch on the Advanced mode, it won’t change anything unless you change one or more advanced functionalities from their default state.

Strategy selection

Flashstake’s default strategy is DAI-AAVE. The advanced mode allows you to select any other strategy available on the app.


If you click the strategy dropdown, a modal opens where you can select any strategy from the list. You can use the help of the search bar to look up a specific strategy’s name or Ethereum address.

Flashstake your stake

This option is on by default. If kept active, performing a Flashstake will result in receiving plain yield by immediately burning the fTokens generated. If turned off, you will receive the fTokens instead, which you then can use manually to unlock ongoing stakes, burn yield or potentially trade on the secondary market.


As you will receive fToken upfront, the reward field changes to display how many fTokens you will receive for staking.

Send rewards to another wallet


If switched on, this functionality allows you to choose which Ethereum address shall receive your upfront yield - or your minted fTokens if you choose not to Flashstake your stake. By default, the address in the field is your own address. You can change it only by pasting another, valid Ethereum address, either with Ctrl+V, right-click + Paste or by click the paste button on the right side of the field.

Mint stake as NFT


If you did not switch on the Mint stake as NFT option of the Advanced mode before creating your stake, you can always mint your stake as an NFT anytime after it is created. To do so, use the Mint NFT button in the Stake Dashboard.

If you switch on Mint stake as NFT, an NFT of your stake shall be minted in the same transaction as the stake is created. This works no matter if Flashstake your stake is switched on or off.