Flashbacks are a way to reward FLASH token holders, by allowing them to stake their FLASH to receive yield in FLASH. Unlike Flashstakes, Flashbacks are not about receiving upfront yield: the rewards are received only after the staking time is over.

Flashbacking is as easy as Flashstaking. Just follow these five easy steps:

  1. Select the stake token

  2. Select the staking amount

  3. Select the staking duration

  4. Select the best LP tier

  5. Check the rewards

  6. `Approve tokens to the smart contract`_

  7. Start your Flashback

In this page, we’ll go over each of these steps in detail.

Select the stake token

Select token modal

There are two tokens available for Flashbacking: FLASH tokens and ETH/FLASH Liquidity Pool tokens (referred here as LP). By default, FLASH is selected. You can change the staking token by clicking the dropdown at the top of the page. This opens a modal from which you can select either FLASH or LP.


There is one smart contract for Flashbacking FLASH, but three separate ones for Flashbacking LP, each corresponding to a different tier. To select either of the three tiers, see this part.

Select the staking amount

Amount field

This first field lets you select the amount of FLASH you wish to Flashback. You may directly select 25%, 50% or all of the FLASH balance in your wallet with the bottom buttons. The amount must be greater than 0 and lower or equal to your wallet’s FLASH balance.

Select the staking duration

Duration field

This second field lets you select how much time your Flashback will last. You will receive your FLASH rewards only after the time you select here, when the stake is finished.

The only time unit available is days, and the value may range from 10 days to 365 days, as defined in the Flashback smart contract.

Select the best LP tier


This part only applies to staking LP, not to staking FLASH. You can select the staking LP option here.

LP tier selection

In this part, you can select either of the three LP Flashback contracts, referred to a tiers. Tier 1 is selected by default. Tiers may have a different APRs and max/min durations from one another. Therefore, you may select the tier that best fits your needs in terms of staking time or APR.

Check your rewards

Once a valid staking amount and staking duration have been selected, the FLASH rewards are automatically displayed as the third step, and update whenever the amount or time is changed.

Rewards field

Approve token to the smart contract

To enable the Flashback smart contract to stake your FLASH or LP, you need to give it permission to use your FLASH or LP. To do this, simply click the APPROVE button and validate the approval with your wallet.


The approval of LP only counts towards a specific tier contract. To Flashback with another tier you will have to approve LP separately.

Start your Flashback

To see your Flashback(s) click on STAKE DASHBOARD at the bottom of the box. You might have to refresh the page to update the list and see your newly created Flashback. More on the Dashboard in the next page!